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Crackdown on fly-tipping

Posted on December 19 2019 at 11:41:15


The problem of fly-tipping in the Village area is to be addressed by Bromsgrove District Council, after it unanimously passed a motion brought by Coun Kate Van Der Plank, Independent district councillor for Alvechurch Village.

The motion proposed a number of tangible and practical things the council could do to reduce or even eliminate fly-tipping, and was seconded by the Leader of the Council, Conservative councillor Karen May.

Coun Van Der Plank outlined the cost of fly-tipping, not just financially but also to the environment.

“Last year it cost Bromsgrove District council more than £88,000 to deal with fly-tipping – plus further cost to the county council for disposal,” she said.

“Our parish seems to be a hotspot, partly because we have so many rural lanes where fly-tippers think they won’t be seen. For example, our worst-affected street has had over 113 occurrences of fly-tipping since 2017 – one single street!”

There is also a cost to householders or landowners who have to pay for the removal costs themselves when rubbish is tipped on private land, while there’s a threat to wildlife and ecosystems when commercial or hazardous waste such as asbestos is dumped and left to get blown around, deteriorate and seep into water systems or hedgerows.

The council will now explore a number of actions, including investment in CCTV and funding to enable the investigation of incidents and ensure fly-tippers are prosecuted. It will also expand its Bulky Waste Service.

“As well as the actions taken by the council, we’re also asking residents to be on the look-out for suspicious behaviour and to take photographs of any incidents if it’s safe to do so,” she told The Village.

“If you are using a trader to take away your rubbish, make sure they have a waste disposal licence and take a note of it – the council’s website has a list of approved traders.

“What people don’t realise is that if you’ve paid someone to take waste away and they dump it, it may be identified and traced back to you, in which case you could be prosecuted even though you’d hired them in good faith.”

The motion also called for the council to collaborate with the county and cross-boundary with Birmingham to explore opportunities to reduce fly-tipping and make it easy for residents to dispose of waste properly, and the council will be encouraging residents to reduce and reuse so less waste is created.

“I am grateful to Coun May for her support and help in developing the motion and seconding it.

“This was a great example of what can be achieved when we work together across the different groups at Council – regardless of party politics.”

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