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‘Danger’ island turns full circle

Posted on February 07 2011 at 11:48:47

The future of an unpopular mini-roundabout in the centre of Alvechurch is uncertain after officials said it should stay and a political source said it was about to be removed.

The roundabout at the junction of Tanyard Lane and Red Lion Street has been discussed several times at Alvechurch PACT meetings, where some villagers believe it poses a danger.

There have been many reports of cars travelling towards the village failing to give way to vehicles turning right from Tanyard Lane.

But it has also been pointed out that if it were to revert to a T-junction, cars would struggle to get out of Tanyard Lane during busy times - and this would become even worse once the extra 72 homes on the old school site are sold.

PC Simon Albutt has informed PACT panel members that the county Traffic Management Unit would not support removal of the roundabout.

However, a political source has told The Village: “County are going to remove it. We are just tying to find out when.”

The TMU says: “Aside from the costs involved, even if it was to be done as part of a resurfacing scheme, we feel that it would compromise road safety in the village.

“The mini island forms part of a package of measures in Alvechurch that contribute to reducing through speeds on the Red Lion Street/Birmingham Road/Tanyard Lane area.

“Even though they were introduced to improve the road safety predominantly around Tanyard Lane when the school was there, they continue to make the location safer.

“To illustrate this, going back over the last six years to January 2005 there have been no injury RTC’s [accidents] at the mini island.

“To remove it and go back to a T-junction would increase the likelihood of collisions at this junction, as it would make it more difficult for vehicles to exit from Tanyard Lane.

“In addition to this it also acts as a speed reduction feature for vehicles approaching the pedestrian crossing from the southern side of the village.

“We feel that removing this feature would lead to increased speeds of vehicles on the Birmingham Road which would generate complaints as well as make the environment less safe.”


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