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‘Danger’ lane action

Posted on May 29 2018 at 1:16:24


A Blackwell road described by residents as “the Black Hole of Calcutta” is to have new warning signs after a campaign to make the road safer.

Dale Hill will get “additional signs and markings to alert drivers to the narrowing of the road and the need to slow down”, according to Worcestershire County Council.

However, the council says it has no plans to introduce speed restrictions on the currently unrestricted lane, saying that the most recent survey on Dale Hill showed “the volume of traffic is minimal and the speeds low”, and that “motorists are expected to drive in accordance with the prevailing conditions.”

A number of villagers, led by Dale Hill resident Jeremy Hughes, have repeatedly asked the council for a 20mph limit as well as improved signage, claiming that vehicles frequently travel at dangerous speeds into a blind bend – including a car that ended up on its roof late last year (pictured, right).

WCC’s Director of Economy & Infrastructure, John Hobbs, told the group that new speed limits must be supported by the county councillor for that area and by the police – but that Coun Kit Taylor was not supportive of a 20mph speed limit.

“Our experience is that speed limits, especially without enforcement, do not modify the behaviours of careless drivers,” said Mr Hobbs.

“Enforcement is a police issue but my understanding is that they would not undertake an intervention here given the measured speed data and absence of serious accident data.

“My suggestion is that we see what effect the additional signs and markings have.”

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