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Don’t wait, it’s ‘on the list’

Posted on October 30 2018 at 2:50:54

Barnt Green councillor Charlie Hotham has launched a campaign for clearer information on when work is to be completed by Worcestershire County Council.

Coun Hotham, who is an independent county councillor, said: “There is a blanket phrase at Worcestershire County Council . . . ‘It is on the list’.”

Speaking to Alvechurch parish councillors, he said that when he first started on the county council, he thought, “well, that means it is going to happen.

“But all you get when it hasn’t happened and you chase it up is: ‘It is still on the list’.

“It is a hopeless situation,” he added. “It is not acceptable. We need a timetable: It will be done in two weeks, one month, six months, two years, even five years.”

At least people would then know what was going to happen, Coun Hotham said.

He added: “It is in no way a reflection on our county council highways officer, who I believe is one of the best.”

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