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Family tributes to Peter Rippington

Posted on March 20 2012 at 10:44:24

Peter and Sharon Rippington

Amy, Max and I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful messages of support, help and love that we have received, writes Sharon Rippington.

Pete obviously touched the hearts of hundreds, if not thousands, and we feel incredibly proud that he was “ours”.

He has left a big hole in our lives, but we all believe that he would want everyone to pick themselves up and continue to live life to the full. Do the things that you planned to do, be proud of your achievements and continue to support each other.

Pete’s love of life we want to continue and as a family we are going to do the things Pete wanted and planned.

To the children he taught, remember “Mr Rip” is still there to help you and his wish for you to succeed and do well continues. Make him proud.

To all those involved with Pete through sport, you must continue to play hard and fair, as he did. He loved his football and basketball and, as regards golf, the birds are safer as Pete was the only man I knew to hit birds with a golf ball!

His lifelong love of the Villa gave him great pleasure, frustration and plenty to talk about.

Amy, Max and I are truly grateful for the support we have received from family, friends and the village community. It is because of all of you that we have been able to even begin to deal with this tragedy and focus on all the amazing memories that Pete gave us.

Pete’s legacy will live on and he will be loved by many forever.

We cannot thank you enough.

Pictured above: Pete and Sharon on the last night of the Italian ski trip after Pete had been presented with the helmet he’d been persuaded to wear for the week – signed by everyone there.

Amy read the following poem at the funeral, which she had written at Sharon’s hospital bedside in France after the coach crash.

My Father the Hero

Peter Rippington, a man with many tales
Hundreds of stories to make you laugh, that rarely ever failed.

Often visiting friends, for a “quick” chat or debate
This was never the case though, as you knew it would go on till late.

Computers and Dad, a match made in hell
Anything modern or electronic, always made him yell.

A talented all-round sportsman, with passion and love for the game
Supporting Max and I every day, to every match he came.

Renowned for his great sense of humour, but terrible, terrible jokes
And slightly dodgy dress sense, just a typical bloke.

“Mr Alvechurch” to many, a nickname which is most suited
Always happy to go to school, fully looted and booted.

An excellent football referee, and a big fan of the Villa
Not so happy with their recent form, a real conversation killer.

One thing is for sure though, your Saturday nights are safe
Dad won’t make his X-Factor audition, because he thought his singing was great.

He loved going on holidays, and organising trips
Life-changing experiences for so many, he told me all his tips.

To everyone given a nickname, which has stuck with you for years
Think of them as a compliment, for you and all your peers.

There are no words that can express how much my Dad loved his job and the kids
He treated the pupils as if they were his own, and loved them all to bits.

A real family man, devoted to all he knew
“My darling bones” he called my Mum, a perfect relationship of two.

He had so many friends, all of whom he treasured
Nothing was ever too much trouble, everything a pleasure.

There is always one thing that I don’t think I will ever know
How he did what he did, our Dad a true hero.

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