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Fiery Hill U-turn fight-back

Posted on November 02 2015 at 8:44:15

A move to shelve improvements to the junction at Fiery Hill Road, Barnt Green, has provoked disbelief from residents across the Village area.

Many see the previous pledge by developers to shift the junction with Kendal End Road away from the railway bridge as the only benefit from the 88-home development by Cala Homes.

Now Bromsgrove councillors have been recommended by their planning chief to leave the junction as it is when the application comes before them on November 2.

More than 40 villagers have registered their opposition, with some coming from neighbouring villages who are shocked by the attempted U-turn.

They all point out that the junction is already known to be dangerous and that with the extra traffic from 88 new homes it will become very difficult to navigate safely.

One Barnt Green resident, Paul Spires, told The Village: “I can’t believe that the head of planning is actually going to put a company’s profits ahead of the safety and concerns of the residents of Barnt Green.”

In a separate controversy, Barnt Green Cricket Club is urging Cala Homes to pay for nets surrounding their pitch, which adjoins the development.

Fearing the club will be liable for balls hit into the new homes, they say the estimated £50,000 cost could end youth cricket at the club. 

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