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Golf club won’t play ball

Posted on April 29 2019 at 2:36:04

Lickey & Blackwell parish councillors were disappointed to learn that Blackwell Golf Club still does not intend to allow its land to be used as part of the rail crossing diversion.

An email from Network Rail confirmed that it had had “no success” in convincing the club, which had cited “health and safety reasons”.

The planned diversion along Blackwell Road will replace the “yellow brick road” rail crossing (right), which Network Rail deemed too dangerous since the introduction of faster, more frequent trains.

Parish clerk Lisa Winterbourn said, “If the diversion is also too unsafe, maybe Network Rail will re-open the crossing?”

County and district councillor Kit Taylor replied, “Absolutely not! If they do that, someone will die. it’s just a ruse from the golf club to claim health and safety.”

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