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Golf still to the fore!

Posted on October 31 2017 at 10:38:22

Village golfers have been reassured that any changes to Bromsgrove Golf Centre are years away, as proposals to make its land available for future housing were revealed.

The site has been submitted to Bromsgrove’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, with the aim of including it in the district council’s anticipated review of Green Belt land to be released for possible development.

Phil Morris, who owns the centre with brother Adam, told The Village: “This is very much a long-term idea and the improvements and investment in the centre will continue.”

He added that if the land was developed for housing, it was probable that most of the present 18-hole course would be lost, but a new course would be built –  although it was not known what size this would be.

“It is about making sure we have got something for the future. We feel like we could provide a lot more down here,” said Mr Morris.

“I think the planners have land to build on until 2022 and it may not happen until well beyond that. Our key message is that this could be many years ahead.”

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