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Government allows Green Belt homes

Posted on November 21 2007 at 11:19:27

Hopwood residents have reacted angrily to the decision to allow 20 affordable homes to be built partly on Green Belt land in their hamlet.

They had hoped central Government would block residential development in the Green Belt.

But the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Hazel Blears, has decided not to intervene.

In a letter to residents, the Government Office for the West Midlands says: “This should not be interpreted as tacit approval to the proposal, it merely means the decision should be left to the local planning authority.”

The planning authority, Bromsgrove District Council, has already approved the plans, despite a recommendation to turn them down by their officers.

Resident Peter Higgins told The Village: “It would appear that no consideration has been given to the feelings of the greatest majority of Hopwood residents.

“The building of 20 houses in the area would take the total from 60 to 80, an increase of about 33 per cent in an area which cannot sustain such growth.”

Adrian Smith spoke of residents’ “utter disgust at our local representatives in recommending affordable housing in this unsustainable Green Belt site”.

The Hopwood affordable housing site is the first one to be secured within this area by Bromsgrove District Housing Trust after a long search. The trust is still looking for other potential sites.

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