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Gritty problem for councils

Posted on April 30 2018 at 10:30:04

Village parish councils discussed installing extra grit bins after the hard winter caused dangerously icy pavements.

Lickey & Blackwell Parish Council voted to place a small grit bin on St Catherine’s Road near Blackwell First School – this should be ready by October.

They also asked Worcestershire’s Highways department to provide a bin for the railway bridge at Linthurst Newtown, which now has a steeper incline.

Parish clerk Lisa Winterbourn reported that some residents had ferried grit across from Gleneagles Drive during the worst of the weather, but on one occasion the school coach was still unable to mount the bridge and the children on board had to be evacuated.

However, Worcestershire Highways Department says the bridge is already on a primary gritting route. The parish council plans to press the issue, using a letter from the coach company as evidence.

Meanwhile, Barnt Green residents have asked for grit bins at the junctions of Twatling Road and Cherry Hill Road, and Hewell Road and Sandhills Lane.

Highways say they will not fund the bins as those sites don’t meet their criteria, so the parish council would have to pay. Councillors were split over the decision, and decided to discuss the matter later in the year.

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