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Handing over a piece of history

Posted on February 28 2018 at 2:35:13

Julia and Enid

Barnt Green WI has marked a new chapter in its history with the handing over of a special keepsake.

An embroidered wall hanging was given to the WI by a women’s group in Nilma North, a town in Victoria County, Australia, “a very long time ago”. 

When the last Barnt Green WI folded 18 years ago, Enid Fowles was the youngest member of the group and was entrusted with the hanging to keep, should another WI ever start up again in Barnt Green.

That time has come and Enid (who is now 82 and one of the oldest members) was able to present it to Julia Waters, president of the new generation BGWI, at a recent meeting.

The hanging is embroidered with a collect/prayer, which was apparently read out at the start of each meeting, and signed by Marie Stuart.

“We would love to know more about the link between our village and Nilma North,” says Julia. “Our research has shown two origins of the prayer; Mary Stuart of the US and also Mary Queen of Scots. 

“A monogram in the top corner has the letters ACW in it, plus “Victoria”. Might these letters stand for “Association of Christian Women” or similar?

“Perhaps if any readers know anything, they could get in touch.”

Right: Julia Waters and Enid Fowles with the hanging.

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