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Healthy holiday of a lifetime

Posted on March 19 2013 at 1:00:33

Children visiting Redditch fire station

A group of children whose lives are still being affected by the Chernobyl disaster have arrived for a month’s stay in the Village area.

The visit has ben organised by the local branch of Chernobyl Children’s Life Line, a national charity which has been bringing children from Belarus to the UK for the past 21 years.

These children endure a very poor quality of life as a result of the 1986 disaster. Locally grown food is still contaminated, and many children are born with cancers, deformity, respiratory and heart problems.

During their stay in the UK, they experience a much healthier environment, nourishing food and the “holiday of a lifetime”. Breathing clean air for just four weeks could extend their lives by up to two years, it is claimed.

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line arranges and funds annual visits, with the children placed with volunteer families. Blackwell resident Denise Buggins and her family have welcomed two children into their home for each of the past nine years.

“They arrive with a small bag of possessions and leave with cases full of clothes and aid for their families – supplied by the host families, charities, and the generosity of local businesses and organisations,” says Denise.

“The children become part of the family, and all of my family and friends have been touched by their wonderful character, bravery and gratitude which makes it all so worthwhile.”

The cost of a visit for each child is approximately £450, which is funded by the charity and covers air fares, visas and UK airport taxes.

“We rely on donations towards transport to and from Gatwick airport, visits to tourist attractions and arranging fundraising events.

“If you are able to provide any assistance, financial or material, I can assure you it will go to an excellent cause.”

To learn more, see or call Denise on 07754 963505.

Above: A group of children on a previous visit at Redditch fire station.

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