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Help to beat booze

Posted on November 02 2015 at 2:46:24

Julie Ward


A specialist alcohol counsellor wants to spread the word that she is here to help and support anyone who is concerned about their own drinking, or affected by someone else’s drinking.

Julie Ward, a qualified counsellor and coach with extensive experience in the treatment of alcohol-related issues, owns a private practice in Bromsgrove.

Her service, ACT (Alcohol Coaching & Therapy), offers one-to-one counselling to individuals who would like to learn how to reduce their alcohol intake or need support to stop altogether.

Julie says: “At first, alcohol can seem to be an attractive release from stress, pain and traumatic experiences, but it can become a way of self-medicating for lack of confidence, anxiety or depression.

“If this continues over a long period then alcohol becomes the problem and can create destruction in all areas of life, not to mention the serious risk of physical and mental harm.

“Talking to someone who cares, understands and doesn’t judge is so important. Building self-esteem underpins all the work I do with my clients. It is crucial to making changes and gaining control over alcohol.

“I feel that I offer a unique approach, as my clients are given a new perspective and motivation to change their relationship with alcohol.

“If you feel AA is not for you, then this could be the ideal alternative.”

As well as one-to-one counselling and structured programmes, Julie offers small group meetings at her office, enabling clients to meet others who are experiencing similar issues and to make new friends.

If you answer “yes” to the following questions then it might be beneficial for you to seek Julie’s advice:

* Do you try to cut down but just keep falling back into old ways?
*  Do you feel bad about your drinking?
* Are you sick of feeling tired and anxious the next day?

If you are ready to make a change and want Julie’s advice and support, you can book a FREE 45-minute consultation.

18 St John’s Street, Bromsgrove, B61 8QY (next to Wishing Well Centre)
Tel: 01527 272799 or 07434 286826
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Facebook: ‘Julie Ward - Alcohol Coaching & Therapy ACT’

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