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Here we come a-wassailing!

Posted on February 28 2018 at 2:40:13

Muskets firing

Mid-winter procession organised by Aelfgythe Border Morris proves the big bang theory applies in village finale.

It must have been an eclectic sight for those peering out of their upstairs windows as the revellers streamed through the drizzling darkness below.

At the front was the Alve­church samba drumming group, Banda Sem Nome; their Brazilian carnival rhythm followed by the old English dancing traditions and beat of the Alvechurch Morris sides, male and female, and dancers from other parts; while bringing up the rear, bearing pikes and muskets, were members of Sir John Bright’s Regiment of Foote, of the English Civil War Society.

This very motley crew transcended the cold and wet Saturday evening to bring Alvechurch together in a wassail from The Crown Inn at Withybed Green to The Weighbridge Inn, via a flaming torch-lit procession through the village.

The highlight for the crowds gathered at The Weighbridge was the volley of musket-fire that sent shockwaves reverberating through the ground and beneath onlookers’ feet.

This was followed by the actual Wassail to “wake” the trees, including traditional song by Alvechurch Community Choir and a poem read out by The Green Man.

Finally, amid shouts of “Waes Hael” (Live Well), villagers hung toast on the branches of fruit trees as cider was tipped on to their roots.

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