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Hills parking poser

Posted on July 29 2019 at 3:05:36

Birmingham City Council’s plan to introduce car parking charges at Lickey Hills Country Park has reached the informal consultation stage, sparking debate at village parish council meetings.

Lickey & Blackwell councillors expressed some concerns about the knock-on effect on nearby roads, where some people would park in order to avoid the fees – although chairman Nick Forknell said that parking was so bad anyway, surely it couldn’t get any worse.

Coun Forknell added: “Is there a legal issue here? Birmingham imposing fees on land administrated by Worcestershire?”

Coun Jill Harvey said: “Nobody is going to be happy with parking fees but it’s unfair to criticise Birmingham when Worcestershire County Council does charge for parking, for example at Waseley.

“All the money will go back into maintaining the park. We are lucky to still have rangers – this may help keep them.”

She added: “It’s already going ahead. There would have to be a very good reason for it not to, what with recent cuts to services like parks. You can still go to the park for free – just not take your car.”

Councillors decided not to submit an official response but to keep an eye on the situation.

However, Barnt Green Parish Council decided to share its concerns via email. Chairman Robert Cholmondeley felt the fees may put people off from visiting the park.

“It will also have an effect on parking in the surrounding area, although that would affect Lickey parish more than us.”

Coun Joe Nilsson said: “I think it’s an outrageous scheme.”

Coun Susan Whitehand added: “I wonder if there’s any sort of covenant, about the park being given to the people for recreation?”

Questionnaires will be available on Birmingham City Council’s website or at the Visitor Centre on Warren Lane. Drop-in events are also planned.

* Both parish councils also encouraged residents to take part in the Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy consultation, which can be found at and runs until September 13.

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