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‘Huge’ Barnt Green wind turbine protest

Posted on November 16 2011 at 5:55:47

Barnt Green residents are urging villagers across the area to object to plans for a 100m high wind turbine close to the centre of their village.

They say this is around the same height as the clock tower at Birmingham University and will be visible for miles around.

The application is for the turbine to be erected at Sandhills Farm, between the M42 and Sandhills Lane.

Objectors hope the planning committee at Bromsgrove will feel it set a precedent in rejecting an application for an 11m turbine near the top of the Lickey Hills earlier this year.

Objections should be lodged with the district council by November 28. The details of a leaflet being distributed around Barnt Green are published below.


To all Barnt Green Residents

We are all in favour of renewable energy. BUT did you know that there is a plan to put a huge 75m high Wind Turbine at Sandhills Farm, which will extend to 100m with the blades in motion. 75 m is approximately the same size as the Hyatt hotel in Birmingham and 100m is approximately the same size as the Birmingham University Clock tower.

A turbine this size will dominate our village, be visible for miles and, if one is approved, may set a precedent for others. The photo below is the type of turbine proposed and gives an idea of the scale and its size compared with the houses.

A turbine of the type being applied for . . .

Please help stop this plan.

The Planning Application is available at The application number is 11/0588. A hard copy is available to view in the Parish Office 80 Hewell Road. Tel: 0121 447 9893.

Comments should be sent to David Kelly, Bromsgrove District Council, Planning and Regeneration, The Council House, Burcot Lane, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 1AA or by email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Points to consider for inclusion in your letter are shown below.

Deadline for comments to be received by the Council is 28th November, so, if you wish to comment, please do so asap.

Many thanks for your support.


Suggested reasons for inclusion in any letter of objection

Please find below a number of valid planning and technical reasons, which the application fails on and could form the basis of any objection letter. If you would like to add personal reasons or emotion to these please do so.

1. Green Belt
The proposed site at Sandhills Farm is designated Green Belt land and is therefore covered by national planning policy set in PPG / PPS 2 which states that there is a: “presumption against inappropriate development within Green Belts” and “The visual amenities of the Green Belt should not be injured by proposals for development which, might be visually detrimental by reason of their siting, materials or design” The proposal is also contrary to policies DS2 and DS13 of the Bromsgrove District Local Plan.

2. Landscape Protection Area
There are designated Landscape Protection Areas to the south and north of the proposed wind turbine site. Due to the scale of the proposal it will have a detrimental impact on views to and from the Landscape Protection Areas. This is contrary to policies C1, C4 and DS13 of the Bromsgrove District Local Plan 2004.
3. Precedent
On the 24th August 2010 Bromsgrove District Council refused planning permission for a 10.7m high wind turbine at High House Drive, Lickey (approximately 1/7th of the height proposed at Sandhills Farm). The reasons for refusal were stated to be inappropriate development in the Green Belt and detrimental impact on a designated Landscape Protection Area. The precedent has therefore been set for refusing similar planning applications.

4. Assessment of Potential Renewable Energy Resources in Worcestershire November 2008 (APRERW)
The above document, which was commissioned by Worcestershire County Council, identified 27 locations across the County which were suitable for locating wind turbines. This site did not meet the strict filtering criteria applied.

5. Topple Distance
The APRERW recommends a ‘topple distance’ to major road and rail arteries. For safety reasons 150m or turbine height is identified as a safe distance. The proposed turbine contravenes this requirement due to its proximity to the Lichfield to Redditch railway line.

6. Noise
The APRERW and other current guidance states that wind turbines should be a minimum 350m from residential properties due to the noise created by the turbine /gearbox. Using OS data there are 115 properties within 350m of the proposed site at Sandhills Farm as detailed below:
• Sandhills Green – 9 properties
• Blackwell Road – 3 properties
• Bittell Lane – 13 properties
• Sandhills Lane – 56 properties
• Sandhills Road – 34 properties

7. Visual Impact Assessment
Despite a request by the District Council (12/8/11) the applicant has failed to submit a Visual Impact Assessment for the proposal. This document can be submitted by the applicant at a later stage but importantly it will not then form part of the neighbour consultation process. For a project of this scale this is not satisfactory.


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