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July floods remembered

Posted on August 23 2007 at 12:18:37

Flood at Alvechurch Highway

The people of Worcestershire will never forget the downpours of July 2007 – and while the top end of the county didn’t suffer as badly as those further south, this picture shows that even halfway up the Lickeys roads can flood.

Taken by Roger Hewitt on July 22, it shows Caroline Hewitt as she realises it will be a few days before she can take her horse up Alvechurch Highway.

Meanwhile, Dawn Holloway of Red Lion Street in Alvechurch has sent us a poem based on the recent weather:

Listen To The Pouring Rain

Listen to the sound of pouring rain, tapping on the window pane.
In less than an hour, the rivers would grow
and turn into a tempestuous flow,
with damaging currents of torrid streams,
engulfing the landscape by any means.
Persistent rain is all it took to give our land this flooded look.
Fields and fields of brown waters seen,
for miles of miles upon pastures green.
The leafy lanes of English towns,
all now drowned to their limitless bounds.
Too much rain and not enough water,
not even a trickle for mother and daughter.
Not enough water for man and son,
when all the day’s labour and work has been done!
The waters are rising but where will they go?
To the Thames, eventually, in full and fast flow.
So many sandbags and too much sand,
but still it engulfs the lowest of land,
Encroaching on houses, right up to the doors
and damaging floorboards in cellars and stores.
Please, oh please, don’t let it rain anymore.

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