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Left in dark during leak

Posted on July 30 2018 at 2:26:18


As The Village went to press, Swan Street in Alvechurch was finally open after many weeks of disruption caused by a gas emergency.

Drivers were forced to use lengthy diversions during the closure while Cadent gas engineers dealt with a leak that had built up for years from the old gas main, which had been replaced but apparently not capped off.

While some residents enjoyed the absence of heavy traffic passing their homes, many were frustrated by the length of the closure, the disruption to bus routes and the behaviour of some drivers who tried to use the road despite the warning signs.

Coun John Cypher told colleagues at Alvechurch Parish Council that the lessons of the A441 closure had not been not learned by the county council:

“Yes, this was an emergency but the effect on the village should have been considered, and there should have been more communication throughout.”

Parish chairman Andy Humphries said: “Cadent were good at speaking to Swan Street residents but not the wider community who have to use the road for essential travel.”

Parish councillors updated villagers via social media and also liaised with Diamond Buses after three elderly residents were put off in Hopwood and had to walk back to Alvechurch.

Coun Humphries said Cadent had told him that many years of HGV traffic along the road had not helped the gas main problem.

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Right: Parish chairman Andy Humphries with a gas pipe dug up during the work.

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