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Mission accomplished

Posted on September 18 2008 at 2:51:14


Residents of Lickey, Blackwell and Barnt Green have been busy raising much-needed funds for the Mission to Seafarers, which has been caring for seafarers around the globe since 1856.

The Birmingham Association of the Mission organises various fundraising events throughout the year, the latest of which was the Adidas 5km Women’s Challenge in Birmingham on September 7.

Lickey & Blackwell Parish Councillor Kathryn Crockett (pictured 3rd from right) joined six other participants for the run, completing it in just 34 minutes. She was sponsored by her fellow councillors and the total raised is likely to be hundreds of pounds.

Meanwhile, women from the Lickey and Barnt Green Fellowship have knitted 141 woollen hats and two blankets for seafarers – these have been dispatched to various ports and will be gratefully received by those returning from months at sea.

Since 92 per cent of world trade comes over the sea, and 120 500-tonne ships are still lost every year, the Mission is a highly worthy cause.

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