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Monday special in the pan at Peter’s

Posted on June 19 2008 at 1:33:25

Terri and Jimmy

A village fish and chip shop has launched gluten-free cooking days after its co-owner had to change her own diet.

Terri Arsu, who runs Peter’s Pan in Barnt Green with husband Jimmy, was recently diagnosed with coeliac disease.

This meant she had to change her whole lifestyle and was even told she couldn’t eat fish and chips because of the gluten in the cooking process.

“Being diagnosed had a huge impact on me,” she told The Village. “While it was good to finally have answers to why I was not feeling well, I was suddenly confronted with challenges around diet and lifestyle, not being able to eat things I had taken for granted all my life.

“Having grown up in the fish and chip trade and being told suddenly I could not eat fish and chips posed a huge challenge to me personally.”

It was this that inspired Terri to introduce special days at Peter’s Pan and since the start of July gluten-free food is served alongside the usual range every Monday.

Terri says: “I hope our Gluten-Free Mondays will raise awareness of the condition as well as offering gluten-free alternatives for coeliacs everywhere, and with the support of the community hopefully the idea will snowball.”

Terri also thanked Coeliac UK for their help and advice in supporting her idea.

* Coeliac disease is a gluten intolerance affecting around one in 100 people, although confusion over symptoms often leads to misdiagnosis.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and in some cases oats.

Many suffers experience a range of digestive problems, weight loss and tiredness.

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