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New developments at causeway

Posted on February 19 2011 at 1:01:34

There has been a further development at the new causeway by Bridge 64a on the canal in Alvechurch.

Last month we reported on the dead fish found there. British Waterways say there were about 70 large dead fish found, many of them bream.

BW responded by clearing them out very promptly. Thick ice on a shallow stretch caused oxygen levels to drop drastically and ammonia levels to rise.

BW said that there was a free passage of water through a pipe under the causeway, so the fish were not trapped. However, they then decided to relay the pipes.

Towards the end of January they dug up the causeway and re-laid two big pipes, which can now be seen very clearly (as pictured).

Pipes re-laid by British Waterways

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