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New policing tsar in village speed pledge

Posted on April 21 2013 at 10:46:17

Traffic speeding through our villages has been highlighted as a priority by the first Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia.

Bill Longmore told the Alvechurch Annual Parish Meeting that it was one of the main issues people were asking him to tackle.

“I said to the Chief Constable that people are continually complaining about speeding in their villages.

“It doesn’t do the police service any good if we don’t tackle it, so we are going to do something about it.”

After hearing from Bordesley resident Carol Sands of the plight of villagers living on the main road between Redditch and Alvechurch, Mr Longmore said:

“The Chief Constable has come on side and realised that a long list of people complaining is not good for the image of the police force.”

Mr Longmore’s deputy, Barry Sheldon, told the meeting at Alvechurch Village Hall:

“Village speeding will be community driven, If people come to us, then we will try to do something.”

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