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‘No’ signal to signs plea

Posted on October 30 2018 at 2:22:54

Barnt Green Parish Council will continue to press West Midlands Trains for improved signage at the village railway station after a “disappointing” response to their initial request.

After being asked to provide timetable screens for platform 1 and an extra ticket machine to save people having to dash between platforms, WMT told the council:

“We currently have no plans to install an electronic information screen on platform 1. . . due to the frequency of the service being as low as it is at present. We also have no plans to relocate the ticket vending machine for the same reasons and no plans to install another. We will continue to monitor patronage of services from platforms 1 and 2 at Barnt Green and assess options as necessary in future.”

Parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley described the response as “disgraceful”. He added, “People parking in the new car park on Fiery Hill would access the station at platform 1. We definitely need more signs, even if it’s only a board telling people where they can view the timetable.”

Coun Cholmondeley has also given feedback to Worcestershire County Council’s Bus Scrutiny Task Group, pointing out that there are large gaps in services between Worcester, Bromsgrove and Barnt Green.

*  A “workshop” meeting is to be held this month between WMT, Network Rail, and Alvechurch, Bromsgrove and Worcestershire councils to look at the problem of Alvechurch station car park.

Parish councillor Marc Worrall said one idea under discussion was for the car park to be “taken on” by the county council, which would carry out the required improvements before it was returned to WMT.

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