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‘Parish flash’ for speeders

Posted on August 19 2012 at 3:00:25

Ron Rand installs the sign

Flashing speed signs have been appearing across The Village area as parish councils have found a way to respond to one of the most frequent complaints they hear.

Lickey and Blackwell and Alvechurch parish councils have taken delivery of the £2,635 vehicle-activated signs.

They can be installed at sites pre-approved by Worcestershire County Council and moved around when and where the parishes decide.

Both Lickey and Blackwell and Alvechurch will be using the parish lengthsman Ron Rand to carry out the installations.

The signs can be set to 20, 30 or 40mph and will flash “Slow Down” if the selected speed is exceeded.

The signs, which have been paid for by the parish councils, not the county, can also record how many times they are activated to give councillors a better idea of speeding problems in their areas.

The Lickey and Blackwell locations are: Blackwell –  St Catherine’s Road, Linthurst Road and Greenhill; Lickey – Brookhouse Road, Rose Hill and Mearse Lane.

The Alvechurch parish sign’s first location was half-way down Weatheroak Hill.

It will be moving to sites in Rowney Green and Hopwood, where residents regularly complain about speeding traffic through their communities.

Pictured: Parish lengthsman Ron Rand adjusts the new sign on Rose Hill, Lickey, watched by Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council chairman Jill Harvey and former councillor Tony Flynn.

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