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Parish ponders drone ban

Posted on October 03 2016 at 9:58:05

The flying of drones may be outlawed at The Meadows playing fields in Alvechurch.

Parish councillors heard from Lengthsman Ron Rand that he considered them a danger and had asked someone flying a drone there if he had been given permission.

The drone enthusiast had then raised the matter with the parish council which debated whether drones, like the hitting of golf balls, should be banned on its land.

Coun Martin Ball said: “Cricket balls are dangerous, risky play can be dangerous. We need a proportionate response – perhaps say small drones would be allowed. Where else would a kid go to fly a drone?”

And Coun Marc Worrall pointed out drones were difficult to control, adding: “I have given up flying my own drone because I am not very good at it and it is stuck in a tree.”

The council agreed to seek more information before coming to a decision.

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