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Parish supports surgery cabins

Posted on July 30 2018 at 12:43:18


Barnt Green parish council has backed the village surgery’s plan to expand into two Portakabins.

Parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley told parish councillors: “They’ve got the doctors, but can’t bring them into the practice.”

The plan is for the surgery to install two cabins in its car park joined to the main building. The cabins would use two of the parking spaces.

Coun Cholmondeley said: “We also know they are open to looking at different premises.”

The planning application says there would be “no impact on car parking provision as an agreement is in place for patients and staff to use the Victoria Pub car park across the street”.

Despite some feelings on the parish council that the cabins would be unsightly, Coun Cholmondeley said: “I think they are a good compromise. It is not as if they are on public view.”

Coun Philip Perry agreed, saying: “We have to balance the needs of the community in this case.”

The parish council agreed to tell the planning authority they were ”supportive of the plan”.

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