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Parking war continues

Posted on March 22 2014 at 10:19:06

Pavement parking at Lickey

Despite the well-publicised campaign against pavement parking, it seems that some drivers are still treating the pavements as parking spaces.

Reader Keith Woolford captured this scene (above) on the Old Birmingham Road near Lickey First School during the morning school run.

This is a well-known trouble spot for pavement parking, and on this occasion the police were in attendance – although they were only able to have a quiet word with the driver as it’s not actually illegal to park on a footway unless the vehicle is causing an obstruction.

CSO Paul Stokes (pictured right with PC Tim Burling and PCSO Sarah Wells) intends to visit Old Birmingham Road once a week in the hope of deterring motorists from blocking pavements.

Meanwhile, another reader sent us a photo (below) of a van blocking the entire width of the pavement on Red Lion Street, Alvechurch – he says, “I think this picture speaks for itself.”

At Alvechurch Parish Council’s latest meeting, the Parish Clerk reported several similar complaints from residents, but confirmed that police can only enforce the law if they actually see an offence taking place – they can’t do anything after the fact, even if the vehicle’s registration is photographed.

Pavement parking in Alvechurch

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