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Pausing to remember

Posted on November 27 2006 at 1:50:55

Remembrance gathering

Villagers gathered at 11am on November 11 at the Memorial Green, Alvechurch, to remember those who have died serving their country.

Below is a poem by Libby Hewitt, aged 14, of Lickey.

On the battlefield

So much beauty
And so much that is not
Wars and devastation
Those too cold or too hot

On a silent battlefield
One man will remain
Amid the bodies, the deceased
The blood that will stain

In his arms he will cradle
The corpse they have left
Of his beloved best friend
Taken by death

His tears leave a mark
A clear path on his cheek
The blood and the grime
Washed away as he weeps

For the man he has lost
The friend he held dear
For all those who died
Death stole them from here

But as the blood flows around him
And as the dead lie dead
A new life is forming
Making its bed

Up out of the ashes
Towards the new day
Beauty surfaces again
A flower to stay

For those men who have lost
The families who grieve
This flower reminds us
Beauty will always be seen

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