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Phone box defibrillator conundrum

Posted on October 31 2017 at 12:33:32

Lickey & Blackwell parish councillors debated extra security measures for the Marlbook defibrillator, after it was stolen from the former phone box on Old Birmingham Road.

Although the equipment – which police say was taken from its case by a drunk man – has now been returned, it has to be sent back to the manufacturer to check for damage, at a cost of £130.

The council’s insurance would pay for any repairs, although there is an excess of £250.

Chairman Nick Forknell said: “We can’t keep the phone box locked, as the defibrillator must be accessible – but maybe we could protect it with a digital code, kept by the ambulance service and given to a caller in an emergency?”

However, adapting the cabinet in this way would incur further cost, which councillors agreed was not justifiable after one single incident.

“Shame we can’t make the culprit pay!” added Coun Janet King.

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