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Planners ‘ignored’ parish

Posted on July 30 2018 at 12:25:18

Alvechurch parish councillors are “appalled” that Bromsgrove planners ignored their grounds for objection to an application for three new houses in the Green Belt at Hopwood.

District and county councillor Charlie Hotham told the parish that Bromsgrove had not take due notice of the Neighbourhood Plan, and had been told to “ignore” the question of visibility access for the site on Ash Lane by a Highways officer, who said this could not be carried out due to third-party land ownership.

Coun Marc Worrall said, “It’s appalling that the Highways officer put that condition on, knowing it could not be carried out, and then just said ‘ignore it.’

“It sounds like a total fudge to then object only on design grounds, which makes it quite easy to overturn on appeal.”

A Bromsgrove planning spokesman told The Village that because the development, which was rejected because of the look of the houses, was considered to be “infill”, it would not be harmful to the Green Belt and so that had not been an issue planning councillors needed to take into account.

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