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Politics comes to the parish council room

Posted on April 23 2007 at 3:05:34

Alvechurch Parish Council looked to be heading for interesting times on the eve of the local elections.

Despite a long-standing non-political stance, three candidates had put themselves forward for election on a Conservative Party ticket.

Among those heading into the poll on May 3 was former parish council chairman Roger Hollingworth, who has been leader of Bromsgrove District Council for the past 18 months.

Bromsgrove deputy leader June Griffiths was also standing for the parish council along with William Peyton, another Conservative also standing for the district council.

It is known that Coun Hollingworth would like to see a “one-stop shop” in Alvechurch as a base for the parish council as well as the district council and other services such as the police. But this would mean the parish council moving from its current office.

Meanwhile, two parish councils have said goodbye to their chairman. Elaine Buckett stood down from Barnt Green and Ron Brown from Lickey and Blackwell. Both have overseen great strides forward at their respective councils.

Lickey End residents will continue to be “represented” by a parish council composed entirely of “Anti Parish Council” councillors after no other candidates stood against the ten “antis” who have asked for the parish council to be abolished.

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