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Ready for an emergency

Posted on December 19 2019 at 11:51:22

Alvechurch parish councillors have agreed to adopt an emergency plan outlining what to do in case of a natural disaster or accident.

The plan recognises the risks posed by various features specific to areas of the parish, such as the Bittell reservoirs, the canal, the M42 and the railway line.

There is also planning for extreme weather events and even what to do in case of a firearms and weapons attack.

As well as detailing who will act as “leaders” in an emergency and which premises will be used as emergency shelters, there is guidance on creating a “family emergency plan”.

“As a family you can prepare for the unexpected,” it advises. “Making a family emergency plan and creating a ‘grab bag’ of the essential items you may need if you were to leave your home will help you and save valuable time.”

The plan will be updated regularly as contact details and other information change, and will be published on the parish council website at in the new year.

Coun John Cypher, who led the emergency plan initiative, told councillors: “The recent serious flooding elsewhere demonstrates that floods can be devastating, and fires as well.

“A parish council like ours can play a part along with blue light services.

“Come the day I think we will be a bit better prepared to manage the situation, be it flood, fire or accident,” added Coun Cypher.

Parish council chairman Marc Worrall said: “I’m hoping that we will never have an emergency in this parish, but if there was, I think that this council is in a very good position to at least not waste 48 hours waiting for something to happen.”

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