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Red Lion smoking shelter approved

Posted on February 27 2017 at 2:58:22

A new pub smokers’ shelter close to homes in the centre of Alvechurch has been approved despite strong objections from villagers.

The smoking area is part of a refurbishment scheme at The Red Lion and residents fear it will expose passing schoolchildren to the sight of smokers.

The shelter is to be built on the Tanyard Lane side, just over the road from villagers’ homes.

One resident told Bromsgrove planning committee, which approved the scheme: “This will be in direct line of sight of our house, and will increase the noise from the pub, encouraging patrons to drink and smoke around this area.

“It is also an extremely visible location to young children walking down Tanyard Lane towards the shops and park, when we should be doing all we can to discourage them.”

Another villager pointed out there was already a huge beer garden with smoking area and he didn’t think the pub should spill further into the residential environment, adding:

“It makes smoking more visible to children in the village therefore normalises smoking and will give a poor first impression of the village for anyone entering from the Birmingham route.”

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