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Ringers’ show of strength

Posted on January 17 2012 at 11:38:22

The ringers with the bells

The ringers of St Laurence, Alve­church, showed their strength by manhandling more than 20 tonnes of bells from the top of the church tower.

With expert help, all eight bells were safely lifted to the back of the church in one day ready for collection to go off for a full overhaul and retuning.

The largest bell, the tenor, will be melted down and the bronze then cast into a new bell – although it will still be considered the “same” bell because the original metal is used.

While the bells are away the frame supporting them in the tower will be strengthened.

The project, which is costing close to £100,000, is the culmination of six years’ hard fundraising by the ringers.

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