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Rowney Green’s Archers fame

Posted on June 29 2010 at 3:37:01

As The Archers celebrates 60 years on our airwaves, it has been revealed that the show’s name originated in Rowney Green.

The claim is contained in a letter to a London newspaper and passed to The Village by Lillian Willis, whose friend had enclosed the cutting in a birthday card.

According to the letter, Dan Archer lived on a farm in Rowney Green and went to school with the show’s creator, Godfrey Baseley, whose father was an Alvechurch butcher.

And when Baseley came to think of a name for the show, first broadcast in 1950, he put those of several friends into a hat. The name that was drawn out was Dan Archer, and the rest is a very long broadcasting history.

The real Dan Archer died in 1973 and is buried in Beoley churchyard. The fictional Dan retired his last working horses, Boxer and Blossom, in 1950 and lived on until April 26 1985.

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