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Sharing the story of the Lickey Hills

Posted on October 29 2019 at 11:03:58


Visitors to the Lickey Hills Country Park were given a tour of its WWI sites during a special Local History Weekend.

Staged by The Lickey Hills Local History Society, one of the highlights was the walk around the Bilberry Hill Gun Proofing Range, particularly the gun butts. This area was built for refurbished Howitzers brought back from the front and repaired at Longbridge. These were then tested in the Range before returning to use.

Head Ranger Steve Hinton conducted a number of groups of all ages around other WWI sites in the park, with many popping in to the school building to see the exhibits and speak with society members.

On show was a specially commissioned diorama of the Bilberry Range by Chris Burwood, which can now be seen in the Visitor Centre.

Above: Head Ranger Steve Hinton shows some visitors the munitions store

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