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Short-sighted road advice

Posted on September 30 2018 at 3:02:30

Visually impaired residents in Barnt Green have been advised that an overgrown hedge obstructing the pavement is not “an imminent safety issue” – because they can just cross over to the other side of the road.

A villager informed Barnt Green Parish Council that a hedge on Kendal End Road, between Cofton Church Lane and the railway bridge, was so overgrown that it was almost impossible to walk on the pavement.

Parish clerk Gill Lungley reported this to Worcestershire County Council’s online “hub” and got the following response: “Although the path width is significantly reduced by vegetation, this will be addressed on our next cut. As there is a good clear path on the opposite side of the road I don’t regard this as an imminent safety issue.”

Ms Lungley said: “It’s good news that the hedge will be cut, but WCC seemed to miss the point that visually impaired people are particularly at risk when crossing the road.”

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