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Speeding motorists ‘woggled’

Posted on January 20 2012 at 10:33:22

The Scout trap

Motorists speeding through Barnt Green one Saturday morning last month may have been surprised to see a speed trap being run by boy scouts.

The joint initiative between the local policing team and Barnt Green Scouts meant any drivers pulled over had a choice: be booked for speeding . . . or face a woggling from the boys.

They were stationed in the service road opposite the Barnt Green Inn, with one team helping the police to measure the speed of cars coming into the village from Cofton Hackett.

Another team was ready with a questionnaire, to quiz drivers on why they felt it was acceptable to break the speed limit.

It seems a large group in fluorescent jackets was enough to slow the traffic because no one had to be pulled over.

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