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Station lacks information

Posted on September 30 2019 at 2:59:08

Barnt Green Parish Council took the opportunity to reiterate its “wish-list” for the village station during a visit by West Midlands Railway representatives.

Richard Brooks (customer experience director) and station manager Zoe Hodgins attended the council meeting to give feedback on improvements made to the station following requests from councillors.

Mr Brooks said he was ”pleased with what’s been achieved” so far, in that there was new signage on Platform 1, and the “help” facility on the ticket machines was now working.

The machine on Platform 3 will soon be moved to Platform 1, so that tickets can be bought at both station entrances.

However, parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley pointed out several other improvements that have yet to be made.

“We still have concerns about Platform 1 – there’s no live departures board and no PA system, so people have to go to other platforms to find out when the trains are coming. There’s not even a paper timetable on the Fiery Hill side.

“We also need more seats and shelters, some cycle racks, and we’d like the car park to be reconfigured.”

Mr Brooks said that everything was “on the list” with plans to complete all improvements by mid-2021. “The good news is that it will get sorted, but it won’t be quick!”

Coun Charlie Hotham suggested a reduction in Sunday fares, to encourage people to come out to Barnt Green and the Lickey Hills “like they used to in the 1920s” and also pointed out the need for more ticket checks to prevent people getting a free ride.

Meanwhile, parish clerk Tracy Bodley reported that the new footbridge over the rail crossing at Cofton Hackett was complete, but a delay in Rights of Way paperwork meant it was unlikely to open in time for Barnt Green’s annual Community Walk on September 28.

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