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Street light colour clash

Posted on March 29 2018 at 12:30:50

Alvechurch parish councillors had a heated debate over the colour of village street lighting columns after a resident requested that a newly-replaced one on Snake Lane should be painted.

The resident wanted the column painted green to match some others in the village and look more rural, but some councillors were concerned that it could set a precedent if they agreed to this request.

“It would cost £100–£120 and the paint might only last five to ten years, so we can’t afford to do this for every light,” said Coun Mark Worrall.

Coun Martin Ball said it seemed sensible to stick with the current colour scheme where lights looked after by the parish council are grey, whereas those administered by the county council are green.

A majority of six councillors voted not to paint the column. A decision on the colour of all future new lights was deferred to another meeting.

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