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The bin inspectors

Posted on November 28 2016 at 9:49:40

Bromsgrove District Council will soon be rummaging through villagers’ green bins in a bid to improve the way we recycle rubbish, according to a local district councillor.

Coun Charlie Hotham, who represents Barnt Green and Hopwood, told Alvechurch parish councillors that the planned scheme would see the contents of residents’ bins investigated, with those who fail to recycle correctly having their bins ”tagged” by refuse collectors.

“If the contents are not deemed acceptable for recycling, a tag will be placed on the bin to teach the owner how to do it properly,” Coun Hotham said.

“If you get two tags, you’re out of the game – next time they won’t empty your bin!”

Parish council chairman Andy Humphries asked for clarification of how the system would work: “How will residents know which item of rubbish caused them to get a tag?

“It would be useful if people knew why they had been yellow-carded – they can’t get it right if they don’t know.”

Coun Hotham said he had asked his Bromsgrove colleagues to provide further information. “At the moment there are no firm answers and no firm date for when this is meant to begin. They did say that ‘re-education will take place’.

“I don’t know exactly how it will work – the refuse trucks are linked to the council’s computer system so perhaps this will be used to generate the tags.

“I assume that if your bin is not emptied, you would have to sort through the recycling yourself and try putting it out again in a fortnight.”

Coun Adrian Smith said that the scheme sounded “counter-productive” as it might encourage people not to bother with recycling at all.

Coun Hotham added: “The sentiment is good, but we will have to see how it works in reality. It can be very difficult to know exactly what can and cannot be recycled.”

He suggested that until more detail is provided, residents could keep an eye on the Bromsgrove council website.

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