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Posted on December 29 2010 at 2:56:16

The New Year finally brings to an end the short, sad existence of Lickey End parish after nine years of doing nothing.

The Lickey End Parish Council Review has now concluded and The Bromsgrove District Council (Reorganisation of Community Governance: Lickey End) Order 2011 has been made for the dissolution of the parish council for the Parish of Lickey End and the abolition of the Parish of Lickey End. The order comes into force on 1 January 2011.

This follows a £2,500 public consultation by Bromsgrove District Council in which 758 residents (34.8 per cent) of the parish’s 2,178 electors responded, with 625 for and 120 against abolishing the parish and dissolving the council. There were 13 rejected ballots.

The parish was created in April 2001 after a petition was raised from 270 people asking for it. As the only part of Bromsgrove district, apart from the town itself, not to be represented by a parish council, they felt it would give them a stronger voice.

The idea was initially resisted by the district council, but it decided to support the request after the Government asked it to justify its opposition.

The new council was, however, doomed from the start. One resident, Charlie Bateman, wrote to a local paper questioning the cost of an extra tier of local government – which led to all ten of the newly elected parish councillors being committed to their own abolition.

They have set a zero precept (the cost of a parish council in the council tax) since their inception in 2001 and have not delivered any of the local services other parish councils choose to provide.

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