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The power of poetry

Posted on March 29 2018 at 11:47:04

Spoz and kids

For the 12th year running, Alvechurch Middle School welcomed local poet Giovanni “Spoz” Esposito to work with all Year 8 pupils in a Poetry Slam Day. 

Activities involved working in teams, challenges on the microphone, generating ideas and writing rhyming couplets, before the pupils went on to write their own poems in teams. 

In the afternoon, all the poems were performed in front of the year group and a panel of judges. The winners will represent the school at The Worcestershire Middle Schools Poetry Slam at the Palace Theatre in Redditch. 

Spoz said: “This age group typically does not want to seem ‘uncool’ and promoting poetry is a challenging task to break down those barriers. I wanted to show pupils that there is so much more to literacy than English lessons in the classroom.”

Pupil feedback included: “The workshop was entertaining, fun and enjoyable“. . .  “I learned a lot about different types of poetry and how to use words” . . . “I didn’t like poetry before but now feel it can be fun, especially the rapping.”

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