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Tip deadline missed

Posted on February 29 2016 at 3:00:14

Residents’ frustration with the lack of progress at Marlbrook Tip looks set to continue, as the latest meeting of the cross-party working group confirmed.

The site owners have missed the deadline for carrying out the work required by the January 2015 report and will now be served with an enforcement notice by the Environment Agency, the meeting was told.

This includes all ten actions detailed on the original report, with a specific date for completion of each. The owners can appeal against this, but if they lose and still fail to comply, the EA says it will take further action.

The EA’s independent panel engineer had visited the site in December 2015 under Emergency Section 16 powers to check its safety.

He reported that the water level was being satisfactorily maintained, and said that although the dam walls need re-profiling in accordance with the January 2015 report, no immediate action needs to be taken.

The next meeting is on April 28.

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