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Tower ap-peal pays off

Posted on May 31 2005 at 1:57:30

Bell ringers

St Laurence bell-ringer Geoff Franklin reports on the group’s recent recruitment drive.

At Christmas the bell ringers at St Laurence in Alvechurch were very worried that ringing might have to stop within a year or so. People had been leaving the team over the past few years and new recruits weren’t arriving to replace them.

The result was that the team shrank to just four regular ringers and ringing would probably have had to stop altogether if any more went.

The first attempt at recruitment brought in two new ringers. Pam Walker returned to ringing after many years away; Lin Stokes was new to the exercise but has already learnt enough to be able to ring as a member of the team for Sundays.

Neither lives in Alvechurch but both have family there and are happy that they can still take part in the life of the village.

This gave a team of six, enough for a respectable performance on a Sunday evening but with no reserve. An announcement in the parish magazine at Easter has attracted five more trainees who are starting to learn the basics.
St Laurence has a ring of eight bells and all should be ringing regularly again this summer when the new ringers graduate. There’s still a need for new recruits, though. Extra ringers are needed for times when people are busy with work, school, family or holidays.

If you would like to know more about bell ringing, phone the captain – Colin Bennett – on 01527 64077 or visit St Laurence tower at 7.30 on a Tuesday night.

The door to the tower stairs is in the corner between the church and the new extension. You do not need to be a member of the church, you do not need to be particularly fit and you can be of any age from about ten upwards.

Hilda Kent
Hilda Kent has been ringing in St Laurence for 57 years and has rung the bells to mark all the major events in the parish and country over that time.

She trained many of the current band of ringers and last Christmas she handed over the captaincy of the tower to Colin.

Hilda still attends Evensong every Sunday and listens to the bells to ensure that the team maintains the standards she has set.

Above left: Mark Reacord, Lin Stokes, Jax Reacord, Michael Davenport, Pippa Morley, Geoff Franklin, Pam Morley, Karen Roebuck, David Roebuck. Above right: Pam Walker, Hilda Kent, Colin Bennett

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