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Traditional supplies online

Posted on October 24 2006 at 1:57:25


A Barnt Green grocers is aiming to bring traditional, local shopping into the 21st century.

Customers of Barnt Greens and Joslyn Catering can do their shopping online and have fresh, locally-sourced produce delivered direct to their door.

The Hewell Road-based business, already popular for its high quality produce, is one of the first in the immediate area to take advantage of computer technology in this way, and owner Joe Lynch (right) believes that the development will prove beneficial to the community.

“With the new service, you can simply find our website, punch in your details and password, and do your shopping from the comfort of your own home,” he explains.

The online service is not the only area of development for the business – Joe has always offered as much locally-produced food as possible, and now hopes to ensure Barnt Greens becomes known for the quality, price and variety of produce available.

He is sourcing fruit and vegetables from the Vale of Evesham, where it is grown and cared for in optimum conditions, as well as offering very localised items such as milk from Grovewood Dairies at Hopwood.

“I am a massive believer in local food, and my ultimate aim is to change the way people think about the food they eat,” says Joe.

The recent appointment of his brother Milo has meant Joe can concentrate fully on developing the business and finding the best products, while Milo looks after the day-to-day running of the shop.

“We’re not just like all the other fruit and veg shops – I want to offer something really special,” says Joe.

Still only 24 years old and running a successful twin-faceted business, he and Barnt Greens are proving a great inspiration to other small firms as well as a valuable part of the local community.

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