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Traffic trouble on the rise

Posted on February 22 2014 at 11:15:12

Sarah Rees reports from the Oakalls and Parklands . . .

Concerns have been raised over cars parking at the bottom of Green Park Road, predominantly when parents are doing the morning and afternoon school run for Finstall First School. There have been numerous incidents of inconsiderate parking blocking driveways.

It is also difficult when leaving Cirencester Close to see easily if cars are travelling up Green Park Road, due to vehicles being parked right up to the intersecting junction of the two roads.

The Police Support Community Officer visited the area on several occasions before the half term break to speak to parents about this matter.

This problem is by no means restricted to the estate. Parents have been parking on the double yellow lines in Drummond Road when taking or collecting children from Aston Fields Middle School.

This has been reported by the PSCO to the Civil Enforcement Officers and they will be patrolling this area at the end of the school day.

Parking around most of the schools in the town is a problem but drivers must adhere to the legal and safety constraints.

The local Police Community Support Office has recently been informed about vehicles speeding along Regents Park Road. Coun Caroline Spencer has requested that a police speed check be carried out. This may take place in May or June.

In the meantime, residents are asked to please drive more carefully and abide by the speed limit.

This time last year The Village depicted scenes of a winter wonderland on the Oakalls, with pictures of snowmen and igloos across the estate.

In stark contrast, residents experienced a wet and dreary February this year but thankfully the duck pond hasn’t burst its banks and we have fared better than many across the county.

Coun Spencer would like to thank residents for their patience with the developer’s vehicles being parked in Regents Park Road while the building work on Oakalls Grange is being carried out.

The recent rainfall resulted in considerable mud on the road but Newland Homes are cleaning the surface regularly. 

However, one resident is less than satisfied – she says her car tyre was punctured when she drove over metal debris in the road last month.

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