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Two more years of tipping

Posted on March 21 2007 at 2:57:39

Lorries head for the tip

Lickey residents face another two years of lorries loaded with muck thundering up and down their main road, a public meeting heard.

The tipping scheme, which has been blighting the area for years, will still need nearly three times as much clay and soil as has already been dumped.

The meeting was called by Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council to update residents on progress at the former Marlbrook Tip.

More than 150 people packed into Lickey Parish Hall for what was at times a noisy and emotional gathering.

They heard Eddy Macintosh, boss of Liberty Construction, which is carrying out the work, explain that it had already taken more than four years because of specifications imposed on them by the Environment Agency.

He had hoped that by now the 50-acre site would have been capped with clay and soil and golfers would be enjoying the magnificent views as they played the new nine-hole course built there.

“We have not forgotten about the golf course,” he said. “We have been under threat of court injunction for the past two years.

“We have got to do the engineering works and then the golf course will be laid out on top of the work.”

One resident asked: “When will the last lorry leave the site? I feel this could go on for years and residents of this area are not willing to put up with it.”

The meeting was told that engineers had now calculated the site needed 375,000 cubic metres of “material” and so far it had taken about 100,000.

Phil Smart, from Liberty Construction’s engineering consultants, Fabre Maunsell, said: “Depending on the rate it is brought on to site, it could be two years.”

A resident pointed out: “The Old Birmingham Road looks like a farm track most of the time. The road sweeper doesn’t sweep it up, it just brushes it to one side and most of it goes up my drive.”

Another said: “The sweeper is a joke. It is just like a bottle brush being towed by a tractor. Could we please have a better one?”

Parish council chairman Ron Brown said: “I am not sure what sort of road sweeper could do that. But you have raised an issue we may be able to do something about.”

Another Old Birmingham Road resident said: “We are in a living hell from 8am until those lorries finish.”

District councillor Ann Doyle said: “I have been involved since the beginning. Along came Mr Macintosh and I was very suspicious, but neverthless things progressed. It has been given planning permission and it has been looked at by experts far and wide.

“At the stage we are at there is no going back. It is awful, but we must try to get the roads cleared and keep an eye on the lorries and tonnage.

“I do hope that in two years you will not string me up from these rafters,” added Coun Doyle.

Above: Laden lorries turn off Old Birmingham Road into Alvechurch Highway heading for Marlbrook Tip.

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