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Two-stroke artists

Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:28:37


If you’ve ever been heading up towards Weatheroak from Alvechurch and wondered about the strange patterns cut into the hillside like a neolithic art project, these pictures should give you a clue.

Around eight times a year, riders gather for a Weatheroak MX Practice Day, honing their skills and maintaining the enormous sculpture in the village landscape.

Apparently, the main track has the shape of a giant anteater when viewed by drone from above.

There are also smaller, flatter tracks for youg riders, where leather and helmet-clad mites look like they are riding motorbikes before they learn to walk, happily buzzing around and around.

Organiser Simon White explained that the idea of his practice days was to give riders a chance for a long session of riding for around half the cost of entering a motocross race, where riding time is shorter.

Anyone interested can find out more on social media.

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