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Under-threat social club’s decision day

Posted on May 24 2012 at 10:44:51

Alvechurch Sports & Social Club

A village social club is facing closure after a slump in revenue over the winter left losses mounting.

Now an emergency meeting of the membership of Alvechurch Sports & Social Club has been called to decide what to do.

Club treasurer David Coyle told the annual general meeting: “We can’t go on like this. Usually in the winter we pick up, but we haven’t this time and the summer is coming and I know what is going to happen.”

Mr Coyle said there were three options for the members to consider.

His preferred route would be to take out a loan, either from a brewery or from a financial institution, although he added: “If we do this, we cannot run at a loss; things will have to change.”

Secondly, the club could put itself in the hands of a management company which would run it to make a profit.

“It will then be out of our hands,” he added.

Thirdly, if not enough people showed an interest in saving the club, it would have to close down and its assets be sold to pay its debts.

Mr Coyle said the alternative was “we keep our heads in our hands until someone forces us into a sale”.

Club chairman John Russell told the AGM, which was attended by only a handful of members: “It is a sad day when you have got to sit here and discuss things like this.
“People have worked very, very hard for years to maintain the club and it is a good little club.

“You sometimes think, what have we got to do to bring people in?

“We’ve got a lot of good members and I would hate to see this club close,” said Mr Russell.

“To think that a place like this is not being used; I don’t know if there is a stigma, but we have not got the middle-aged people that we used to have.

“There are a few youngsters who have joined the club and hopefully they will attend this meeting of the membership to try to pull the club around. Hopefully, we can get through it.

“Clubland ain’t like it used to be and a lot of clubs have closed down. It isn’t getting any better, it’s getting worse.”

* The emergency meeting is being held at the club on Wednesday June 20 at 8pm for all members.

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